Lightning Cat Overview

Lightning Cat - Salus's Rapid Smart Contract Detection Tool

What is Lightning Cat?

Salus Lightning Cat is a smart contract quick detection tool. It aims to provide users with efficient, simple, and cost-effective vulnerability detection services. This tool integrates various key features, including machine learning, DOT Diagram generation, formal verification, and fuzzing test. All of these features are integrated into a user-friendly interface, working together to provide you with a report in as little as 20 minutes. If you have business needs including but not limited to due diligence, security assessments, code quality assessments and optimization, Lightning Cat can provide professional services for you.

Lightning Cat Core Features

Now, we will introduce the four core features of the Salus Lightning Cat tool and how to analyze their respective detection results.

  1. Machine Learning: Salus security solution uses machine learning and deep learning to conduct smart contract security testing.

  2. DOT Diagram: Used to display the inheritance relationships, functions, variables, and their visibility in smart contracts.

  3. Formal Verification: By verifying the bytecode of smart contracts, Lightning Cat can discover potential vulnerabilities and security issues.

  4. Fuzzing Test: By generating and inputting a large amount of random data, Lightning Cat can detect vulnerabilities in ERC20 and ERC721 Token contracts.

Machine LearningDOT DiagramFormal VerificationFuzzing Test

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