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Comprehensive Mathematical Formula Checking

Our formula checking service examines all mathematical formulas involved in the project, including those in the white paper, the structural design, the calculation results, and the operating logic. This ensures that your project is free from any mathematical errors that could potentially harm the entire project.

We recognize the importance of mathematical accuracy for DeFi and GameFi projects, which is often neglected by other auditors in the industry who solely focus on code design logic. Our team of experts possesses the knowledge and expertise required to effectively handle the highly significant and challenging mathematical component. As even a single error can have disastrous consequences, we understand the crucial role that mathematical accuracy plays in DeFi and GameFi projects, and we have the necessary expertise to ensure your project is free from any errors.

Customized Pricing and Complete Audit

We understand that pricing can vary and that different projects have different requirements and challenges. However, one thing is certain: without thorough mathematical formula verification, an audit is incomplete and unreliable. That's why our formula-checking service is designed to provide a comprehensive and effective audit, regardless of the scope or price of the project. With our service, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your project has been fully audited and is free from any potential mathematical errors.

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